• Let's Chat! Photo Taking in Vendor Booths!

    In this day and age, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other forms of social media- it's all about the photo! It seems everyone has a smartphone and it's super easy to snap a quick pic and post it all over the internet. We've noticed that many flea market vendors and vintage shop owners have mixed feelings about folks taking photos in their booths or shops.
    We generally love to take photos for our blog and other social media use but we always make sure to ask first- and give credit where it's due!
    As a shop owner or vendor: Do you let people take photos?
    As a shopper: Do you take photos? If so, what purpose do you use them for?
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    • Rush'd Lady says...

      I always ask first and most happily say yes — they love the free advertising on my blog, however, a friend recently sent me a blogger’s post that said the blogger got sued for stealing a copyright work even though she gave credit to where she got it. Didn’t matter, the lawyer said. I recently joined Pinterest and wonder if maybe I should only pin my stuff and leave off the rest. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas there, but it makes me a little nervous now. How would you know if something is copyrighted or not?

      On May 06, 2014

    • LaDeeDa Design says...

      I also have mixed feelings. BUT….it’s just palin polite to ask for permission.
      I am a clothing designer. I design and make each piece by hand. When a potential customer asks to take a photo I always smile, thank them for asking, say “yes” and then after giving permission ask why. If someone snaps away without asking, I engage them and ask why. Typically this leads to a lovely conversation. There are the “Sneaks”. I’ll turn around and find someone sneaking photos. It’s obvious they are sneaking by their body language and they refuse to make eye contact. They quickly exit my space and occasionally return to lurk outside of my space for another photo. I know this person has no intention of ever making a purchase and is taking a photo for their own needs. They are the ones who make it hard on other customers and vendors and it’s just rude.

      On April 25, 2014

    • Studio 1404 Kansas City says...

      Snap away!!! We encourage photo taking in our shop and even had a young lady use one of our booths as a backdrop for some of her senior photos last year! Most people ask first, we appreciate that.

      On February 10, 2014

    • kathy gilbert says...

      Yes ,yes bring on the picture takers it actually makes me feel flattered that they find my booth interesting,but so many folks out there are so scared you might copy their creations, and also its free advertising, who knows where that one picture might show up.

      On February 10, 2014

    • Kathy Patterson says...

      I love to have people take pics of my booth
      I post on face book and find it brings people in to the shop

      On February 10, 2014

    • Thom says...

      As a seller I say snap away, the more pics of your things that are out there the more your name gets spread around hopefully.

      As a shopper I take a lot of pics for my blog and personal work. I always ask first and have never been turned down. I always get the vendors name and an email address. At the end of the day I email them a copy of the pics I took. If I include the pic in my blog I give credit to the vendor and give a location where they can find them.

      On February 10, 2014

    • laurie magpie ethel says...

      I do shows at Christmas and let shoppers take photos. I do appreciate it when the ask first. It is always fun to see my booth or crafts show up in different spots where they have been posted.

      On February 10, 2014

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