• Two Ideas House Projects!

    We know it's not Thursday (#tbt), but here's a throwback blog from when I was creating projects for the Bachman's Ideas House:
    The Bachman's Ideas House is filled with clever and practical uses for vintage objects - most that can be found easily and purchased for next to nothing. Here's a couple of my favorite projects.
    In the upstairs bathroom, I repurposed two old wooden hangers as towel bars. By anchoring a scrap piece of dowel to the wall before the hanger was attached with 2 screws, I created a simple, yet sturdy place to hang a towel! 
    Notice that the metal "hook" on the hanger makes a great (and easy) place to quickly hang your towel - no excuse for wet towels on the floor! And the wooden form is a great place to add a washcloth or even a hand towel.
    For the next project, I challenged my friend, Sara Smith (you may remember her from Flea Market Style magazine) to create a side table with stacks of old coverless Reader's Digest Condensed Books. This project proved to be a bit tricky because it was really important to create a stable base - out of of books, no less!
    Sara was able to drill through the center of the books (individually), insert a threaded metal rod and attach it to a wood base with nuts. At the top she added another thin piece of wood for extra stability and topped it with the 4 volumes you see through the glass top. You can see the washer/nut combination under the glass which I think gives it sort of an industrial look. (Clear rubber surface protectors placed on top of the nuts keep the glass from sliding.)
    Hope you enjoyed these throw back projects!
    Cheers! -Ki
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    • Haze says...

      Cool ideas, who’d thunk it?

      On May 20, 2014

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