• Let Chat! Good Intentions and Lost Projects

    We've all got 'em, right? Those flea market finds we had big plans for. The broken table we thought we'd fix last Summer, the vintage wheels we were gonna turn into a chandelier and the old dresser we meant to refinish for the guest bedroom. Ki Nassauer has a whole trunk full (as you can see in the above photo) and her garage happens to be pretty packed too! Lockers, end tables, old boards and more! Maybe if we all made a pact to finish one project a month, these cool items wouldn't get lost in the shuffle- or in the shed!
    What DIY project or vintage item do YOU have lying around that you never got to??
    -The KI NASSAUER Team
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    • Cheryl Weltha says...

      I have these old baseball hats I can’t seem to part with. I was going to repurpose them into hanging planters. I store a lot of old ‘stuff’ for repurposing projects and it’s all good ‘stuff!’ I have an old white toolbox, a large one, I can’t wait to turn into a coffee table!

      On August 10, 2014

    • Toni Ehle says...

      Ruth Barnes, what will you do with your stack of sheet music? I also have a stack from my childhood

      On June 02, 2014

    • Mary King says...

      My garage and my house are overflowing with furniture that I inherited when my father past away 4 years ago. Most of the pieces are in dire need of a little TLC in the form of painting and distressing. All are sentimental and are great canidates for helping me acheive my goal of a coastal, vintage, eclectic cottage look. The problem has been energy, time and concerns over an impending downsizing due to divorce. Now my problem a two month recovery from foot surgery that was preceded by five months of pain. Oh and I likely face surgery again on my other foot first of next year. Need the Painting and Distressing Fairy Godmother to come grant my wishes.

      On June 02, 2014

    • ruth Barnes says...

      I have a very long list!!! lol!!!! A chicken coop, a Jr Billiards Game Pool table, a sewing machine cabinet, lots of spindles, a pile of boards, a whole box of sheet music, a trunk full of jewelry pieces and parts and buttons, 2 chairs that Im going to paint, a bedroom suite that Im going to paint, a rocker, frames, and I have MORE!!!!!! What to do!!!!!! Help!!!!! I need more space, more time and a helper!!! lol!!!

      On May 30, 2014

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