• Fun in Fredericksburg!

    It was my first trip to Fredericksburg in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I was so excited to take the much needed girls trip! Here are a few of my favorite tid bits:
    I got to visit the much-anticipated one of a kind emporium, Uncommon Objects in Austin. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now. (Bucket list adventure blog to follow!) 
    This reminded me our beloved office companion, Beans.
    These boots are made for walking. I’m still not ready to give up my sneakers but these boots at Allen’s Boots were pretty tempting…
    Ruth Barnes, Suzanne Maley, and I stayed in Fredericksburg at Laura’s soon to be opened Bed and Breakfast, Ricker Haus.
    I loved this mirror at Lori’s shop,Timeless Menagerie.
    Proprietor, Lori Smithers showing off her new French bull dog. And yes, he sleeps just like that.
    How pretty is the skirt on this dress??
    We went to this darling little German restaurant for dinner. My eyes were too big for my stomach. Well, maybe not this time. I ate the whole thing. Yum!
    On day two, our first stop was Skye and Henry’s! It’s a lovely French interior design and accessory shop.
    Then we were off to Red, a neat design store for the contemporary shopper. Or as the website says, “Modern lines. Vintage finds. Interior design”.
    The last shop of the day was Carol Hicks Bolton. I suggest if you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and stop by! This shop was also on my bucket list and it exceeded my expectations.
    On day three the girls and I took an excursion to Comfort, Texas. Little known fact, the town of Comfort changed it’s name to Advanced Comfort on July 23rd, because Wrangler selected the town to be a part of their GetComfortableCampaign.
    Miss Giddy’s is a darling gift shop that has everything you’ll ever need or want. They also have a registered monarch butterfly stop over!
    Love these souvenir spoons at Comfort Antique Mall in the Comfort Historic district.
    I had an amazing chicken salad sandwich at High’s. Delishhhhhh!
    We ventured off to Blackbird Antiques & Interiors to visit with proprietor, Karen Frais, and hung out with these adorable pugs, Eddie, Molly and Hudson in their very own vintage quarters equipped with a full kitchen and living room. No joke!
    Then we went to the Tinsmith’ s Wife, which is the best yarn shop I’ve ever set foot in. Seeing all those pretty bundles made me want to take up knitting!
    Here are the gals enjoying an afternoon glass of vino.
    Last stop of the day? The Guadalupe River.
    Quick change with the fabulous, Ruth Barnes.
    We stopped at Lori’s retreat for a glass of wine and to hang out with her donkeys and goats.
    Then we trotted off to the Hilltop Café where the chicken fried steaks were never ending. Notice the reoccurring theme here? Food and wine!
    After Dinner we went to the Luckenbach Texas Dance Hall where Laura and I got our two-step on!
    On our way back to the airport, I stopped by Johnson City to finally meet Kathy Mannex, owner of Junque Dynasty, an eclectic shop filled with hidden gems. It was fun getting to know her and hear her inspirational story.
    PS, I forgot to mention that we visited the Daspeach Haus and sampled a ton of jellies and jams. I couldn’t take any home in my carry on. Don't fret- when I got home the first thing I did was order the Flagship Pack online!
    What a fun and fantastic trip!!
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    • Lori says...

      Come back soon and we’ll go get some chicken fried steak! It was great visiting with you!

      On September 20, 2014

    • Junque Dynasty says...

      It was so very nice meeting all of your gang Ki! You girls are a blast! Thanks for coming by Junque Dynasty!

      On September 04, 2014

    • Laura Higgins says...

      Sure glad y’all had a fine time in my home state. I’d say you did hit some of the best highlights of the hill country with one of my favorite people- Ruth Barnes. The fact that she and I have never met in person doesn’t mean hooey cuz I’m one of the original 200 Southern Junkers! Texas and Junk equals Happiness

      On September 03, 2014

    • Ruth Barnes says...

      What an incredible trip this was Ki!!!!! One I will remember!!! Fredricksburg was everything and more I could have imagined!!!! Let’s do it again soon!!!!! Love and Hugs!!!

      On September 03, 2014

    • shari says...

      Love Uncommon Objects! Sure do want to make my way to Fredericksburg! Oh, such fabulosity you’ve shared from there! First stop Carol Hicks Bolton!!

      On September 03, 2014

    • karla says...

      Looks like it was a fun trip! Quite a variety of places to shop. I have to say my favorite was Eddie, Mollie and Hudsons special room with their special beds. Thanks for the interesting blog makes me want to put Shop Texas on my bucket list.

      On September 02, 2014

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