• South Dakota. Playground for Real Junkers!

    Heading to South Dakota this week to renew and refresh.  I have been spending way too much time at my desk looking at a computer screen and need a junking fix!

    My good friend Cammie AKA Midwest Junker Extraordinaire will be escorting me to a few of the places I have been dying to visit after drooling over pics.  I am also hoping to get back to visit some of my old favorite junk haunts.

    Hopefully the weather cooperates and the mosquitoes haven't hatched yet.  (Oh, and the tics.)

    No makeup, no cell phone service and I can wear the same clothes the entire trip.  Sounds grand!

     No parking tickets in this part of the country!  It will be simply heaven on earth!

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    • Estella says...

      That’s not just logic. That’s really seselbin.

      On February 08, 2016

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