• Cowboy Junction Flea Lecanto Florida

    I love discovering off the map flea markets! A reader and fellow junker recommended Cowboy Junction in Lecanto Florida and I decided it was worth some research since Lecanto is an easy drive from my sister Karla's home in Ocala FL. When searching the internet I realized the flea doesn't seem to have an official website or facebook so I had to pick up tips and info from folks blogs and comments. Good thing I found out it is only on Tuesdays and shuts down in the summer.
    My sis and and I headed out early on a foggy Tuesday morning in November to get our Flea fix. Since we weren't exactly sure where we were going, we stopped at the local mini mart in Lecanto for directions. We got there just as most vendors were unloading their trailers and trucks.
    We were excited to see the eclectic mix of antiques, vintage and garage sale leftovers. Something for everyone! It was obvious some vendors were there to buy as they left their booths unmanned to do some shopping.
    The pace was relaxed and not as frantic as most fleas. It did feel like shoppers were on vacation or enjoying a morning in the warm sunshine. I picked up a couple small items that would fit in my carry-on including the cheerful glass clown cocktail stir sticks above.

    We couldn't resist the mini donuts as you can see my sis Karla posing for the blog photo above. We stopped at a Thrift store in Beverly Hills on the way home and tried out Red's a new lunch spot for us in Hernando. Yummy, but be sure to split, portions are huge! Now I wouldn't recommend driving all day to visit Cowboy Junction, but if you are in the area you may just find a treasure or two! I did!
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