• What Cheer Iowa Flea Market

    What Cheer Iowa Flea Market is for the seasoned junker. You must posses endurance to withstand the more than likely rains and mud, patience to dig through the thousands of boxes and tables, and passion to appreciate the spectacular junk treasures it has to offer. What Cheer serves up some of the best antiques and junk in the country!

    Jane, Sarah, and I spent the night in Oskaloosa as to get an early start. (There are no hotels in What Cheer.) It rained during the night, but be were quite pleased to see the sun peaking through the morning clouds. This would be my first dry visit to What Cheer!

    As we pulled in, I couldn't help but take a photo of the parking sign above. The gal at the entrance noticed my curiosity and explained that it was painted by an older gentleman that has since passed away. They didn't have the heart to change it.

    My purpose in coming to What Cheer was two-fold. One was the shopping, of course, the other to visit and get a hug from my friends. Tom and Dave are from Muscatine and both will be vendors at the Junk Bonanza next month.

    Tom Howland, in the neon green tee, is celebrating over 1 year with his new heart and proclaims he has never felt better! (Tom taught me everything I know about the wonderful world of flea markets and junk!)

    There was some confusion as to what day to show up to shop What Cheer. We decided to take Tom's advice and come on vendor set up day.

    Not everyone one was unpacked when we arrived, but we managed to snag some of the most amazing junk that most certainly would have been gone had we shown up the advertised day.

    Jane and Sarah bought at least 30% of the stuff coming off of this couple's van. One stop shopping!

    An entire box of bunny trophies were the perfect present for a friend that had a war on with the bunnies demolishing her garden.

    The junk ran the gamut. Pretty to


    Odd to


    If this photo makes your heart skip a beat, I shouldn't tell you everything in the boxes is $2. You might have a heart attack!

    I couldn't help but appreciate the packing job this vendor from Canada has mastered!

    He is able to get more junk in his van than most would get in a 20' trailer.

    It was a marvelous day. We could have continued to shop for another 24 hours, but ran out of money and space in my truck.

    If you ever have a chance to go to What Cheer, don't hesitate. Don't be fooled by my sunny photos, bring your rain gear!

    A personal thanks to all of you that have visited and supported my new endeavour, Flea Market Style Magazine! We are overjoyed with the response and promise you will be blown away by it's pages!
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