• Road to What Cheer Iowa Flea Market

    Jane, Sarah, and I were giddy as we drove out of Jane's driveway. Girls trip! Destination...What Cheer Iowa Flea Market. What's a junk adventure without a few side trips...

    Jane tried to convince us she owned the town!

    Ron and Susie, owners of Ms. Mac's Antiques, (Janesville MN) will be vendors at the Bonanza. We stopped in to say Hi! Check out some of their amazing junk below!

    Jane couldn't leave without making a purchase.

    Sarah couldn't pass up the cool rake! We hit more shops in Waseca MN and Clear Lake Iowa as we headed south.

    Brenda welcomed us to her charming shop, JB Knackers just outside of Ames, Iowa. It was late in the day and jewelry class was in session. Wish we could have joined in, I have always wanted to learn to solder.

    Brenda is also a Junk Bonanza vendor and is stocking up for the big event!

    By the time we loaded our purchases into my truck and hit the road it was dark and beginning to rain. Exhausted, we landed at our hotel in Oskaloosa, Iowa close to midnight. Big day tomorrow! Sarah and Jane giggled and talked all night about junk...those girls! I do love girl junk trips!

    Stay tuned. What Cheer Flea Market did not disappoint!
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