• Road Trip. Oklahoma & Missouri.

    Bet you were wondering if we ever got home. Fortunately our road trip from Florida to Minnesota via Texas didn't take as long as it has taken me to blog about it!

    Kerry and I allowed ourselves a mere 2 days to drive the last leg of our junkation, Tyler Texas to Long Lake Minnesota, so we had to speed junk along the way. (I am hoping for a do-over someday soon, so I can visit all the great shops and sales I know I missed.)

    I was the navigator and kept my eyes peeled for billboards and signs broadcasting antiques and sales. Antiques Etc. 580-226-3490 in Ardmore Oklahoma proved to be a fruitful stop. My purchases included a brown pottery pitcher and bowl for the Bonanza and a Boy Scout merit badge sash.

    We investigated historic downtown Purcell Oklahoma on a hot, humid, and sleepy Saturday afternoon. We found more than 8 charming and friendly antique shops to visit.

    Folks along the way enthusiastically shared their must see towns and shops. Guthrie Oklahoma was mentioned more than once.

    Discovering Guthrie was like going back in time. The city is alive with shops, theatre, trolleys, & horse drawn carriage rides and has preserved the rich heritage and unique history as the first state capital of Oklahoma.

    While chatting with the gals at Recollections 405-260-0101 we found that Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, and Kate Hudson were in town shooting a movie The Killer Inside Me. We learned that the production had purchased antique furniture and props locally and when finished with them would auction back to the community. Great idea!

    Hungry, we asked where to eat and were directed to the Boneyard Grill 405-293-9615.

    Yummy recommendation!

    The bugs had taken over our windshield and the trip just kept getting better, as you will see!

    Jim's Antique Mall in Bethany Missouri 660-425-6020 was recommended by a Junk Revolution member (Artifacts and Architecture). As we drove up, my heart skipped a beat. A junker's delight!!

    Are you still breathing? What was I thinking driving in with a loaded vehicle. I told Dean I would be back this summer...with an empty trailer.

    Sorry for the out of focus picture. My hands were trembling as I eyed this area in the far corner of the shop.

    We were still full from breakfast, but knew from the Junk Revolution message boards that Toot Toot located just off I-35 on Hwy.136 (right down the road from Jim's) was a must eat stop. So we did! Stop and eat. The lunch buffet with mash potatoes, gravy, fried chicken, ham, get the picture. Yum!

    Small world. When we returned home I noticed the turquoise wood trunk I had my eye on at Jim's and was planning to go back and purchase, showed up on a Bonanza vendor's blog. It is coming to the Bonanza...just not with me.

    Had a incredible time with Matthew Mead in New Hampshire this past week. Can't wait to share my visit with you!
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