• Road Trip. Mineola & Gladewater Texas.

    Just can't get enough junk! An exhilarating day in Canton was just the first course. Margo was about to serve up up some of the best junking in Texas. We convinced our hubbies to come along. Roger, Kerry, Margo, and I headed out to Mineola & Gladewater Texas. On the way, we stopped at Latif's Antiques in Tyler 903-882-6031...Man oh man...

    Margo explained...If you see his van in the parking lot, he is open. You must ring the door bell and he will let you in. We had the whole place to ourselves.

    As we walked through the front door I immediately zeroed in on the punch time clock, similar to the one Sue and I found at Kane County Flea years ago. Perfect condition and a bit larger than most I have seen since. I could tell this was going to be fun!

    Margo headed straight for the drawers filled with junk bits and pieces.

    I admired this vintage chandelier.

    A very unusual lampshade was calling my name.

    My heart was pounding as we sifted through boxes and shelves of some of the most unusual antiques and junk I have ever seen in one building.

    I attempted to play a Flutophone in grade school..I always wondered what happened to all those instruments...still hiding in kid's lockers?

    We had lots more junking to do and the guys were getting hungry so we had to pack 'er up!

    I couldn't leave without the chandelier. The box was filled with a million crystals. I am dreading cleaning and re-assembly.

    You suggested we eat at the East Texas Burger Co. in Mineola! Roger, Margo, and Burger Boy posing. Lunch was delicious!

    Kerry and I had hamburgers, onion rings and sweet potato fries. MMMmm!

    The town of Mineola is filled with charming antique and gift shops.

    My husband still hungry...decided to purchase a fried pie for dessert. It was on the honor system and it seemed to be working.

    Wish this guy could come home with me.

    I might know a soccer player who would like this sign.

    After checking out a garage sale in Mineola, we stopped at several interesting shops including a real junk shop! Mineola Traders (just outside of town) 903-569-1404 Five dollars on the soda crates (pop crates, if you are from Minnesota), and there was plenty to choose from.


    As delighted I was to see the honor system alive and well, I was thoroughly disgusted to see this sign...Oh come on, do folks really spit in the trash by the front desk?

    Rebecca was so kind to host a little get-together at her shop in Gladewater. Rebecca's Antiques and Collectibles 903-844-9650 You may recognize her famous pup. It was so much fun to meet everyone and do a little shopping in her charming store. (I just realized I need a new bra after looking at this I gotta pull myself together.)

    We visited with Reba in her wonderful shop, Red Rooster Antiques, just down the street. 903-844-9240 I learned the town of Gladewater holds the title, Antique Capital of East Texas. Wish we would have had more time to check out all the shops.

    Dinner back in Tyler....I had been craving Mexican for days!

    Thanks to Margo, junk tour guide exception ale, and our patient husbands, the day was extraordinary! Notice she is wearing the official Junk Bonanza tee...thank you Margo!

    I've been told I need to hit Athens and Malakoff on my next trip to Texas. Sounds good to me!

    Be sure to check out Seabold Vintage Market on Junk Revolution's Gallery Page. Liz has an amazing junk fresh and simple!

    I am taking a short break from posting as I am heading to New Hampshire to spend some time with Matthew Mead. We are working on an exciting new project. I can't wait to share the scoop with you when I return along with the last leg of my road trip. Tyler Texas to Long Lake Minnesota.

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