• Road Trip. Canton Texas.

    First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas happens once a month, well sort of. It can be kind of confusing cause it doesn't actually happen on a Monday as its name states. Just think of it this way. Canton Trade Days is open Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of every month. Get it?

    The town of Canton, (population 5,124) grows to become the 7th largest city in Texas every month during the event, averaging over 300,000 visitors. First Monday Trades Days is the oldest and largest flea market in the world!

    If you have been following my blog, you know that my trip from Ocala Florida to Minnesota included a Texas detour to visit my good friend, Margo, and do a little junking in Canton.

    My husband Kerry was a trooper to hang in there with us the entire day. He doesn't consider himself a junker, however enjoys visiting with the friendly vendors and shoppers.

    The guy with the camera is Allen Arrick. Yep, Margo's son. Allen, photographer extraordinaire, was shooting his first, flea market assignment. Discussing junk and light at The Porch where I met Renee and Becky.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of all the wonderful folks we met that day so I apologize for not mentioning everyone.

    Maggie from the Veranda was incredibly kind to throw a little get together for fellow bloggers and junkers, many of whom I have followed online.

    Margo, Susie, & me . Susie and I have chatted for years over the phone about her wonderful product, Vintage Textile Soak. First time we actually hugged.

    Teresa Garden Antiques, Nancy Ella Elaine, Eilean, Donna Curious Goods, Margo Robolady, and me.

    I have heard so much about Judy Hill and her amazing sale, I was excited to finally meet her. Judy, Gloria Sweet Pea ,Margo, Maggie The Veranda, me, & Joy. (Joy makes the most fabulous oyster shell mirrors.)

    Looks like Minnesota junk to me!

    I made her do it! She will totally hate me for posting...Sorry Margo.

    Terri with Unique Antiques was a refreshing breeze of energy in the sultry mid afternoon. I love vintage linens.

    I hate to iron.

    Margo's friend and fellow vendor, Donna, swears by Vintage Textile Soak.

    Hanging out in the shade Sky, Susan, Eilean , me, Margo, & Nancy.

    Too heavy to haul home, but tempting.

    Too big to haul home, but tempting.

    Too dirty to haul home, but tempting.

    Too silly to haul home, tempting? The Cotton Patch girls!

    Have always wanted to remodel and add a sink in the hallway.

    Absolutely too heavy to haul home.

    I was thinking Junk Bonanza. Ideas for repurposing, anyone?

    Cool ship's throttle.

    I own a red Burma Shave sign and it's on display in my family room. I was naturally attracted to this booth filled with carnival items. It turned out Garland, aka Dad, was helping out his daughter, Mandie Murphree, by selling some of her cool carnival stash in his booth. Check out The Shop Antiques. According to her dad, Mandie has quite the inventory!

    We got to eat a funnel cake for breakfast...a little greasy, but yummy!

    Just outside the Porch I found this treasure wanting to go home with me. Did I mention my truck was full before I got to Texas? It was like being on a junk diet. I was starving and I couldn't satisfy my appetite!

    According to Donna Bookout, she is a collector and lover of all things that jingle or glitter! Donna has been a vendor at Canton since 1970. She said when the booth rent was raised from $3. to $5. she had 2nd thoughts about continuing. She credits her staying power to her wonderful family, customers, and fellow vendors that have supported her over the years. Love you Donna.

    Who is this person and where is she now?

    Say cheese...again. Margo, Lilly Junk Palace. Donna Curious Goods, me, & Rhonda. (The milk glass vase and cool cash register number 4 at the beginning of this post belongs to Lilly.)

    My dad is a Shriner. I own a fez or two.

    Love Donna's junk jewels and wild creations! (I get you, Donna.)

    At the end of the day when we thought we couldn't take one more step, Linda Hatfield, City of Canton operations supervisor, picked us up in her official looking golf cart and took us on a delightful tour of the grounds! She answered all of my questions about Canton including "Why doesn't First Monday Trade Days take place on Monday?"

    More Texas junkin' stories and pics to come. We visited some of Margo's favorite junk hot spots the very next day. Never too tired to junk!
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