• Road Trip. Mississippi.

    I spent many a Friday night with my high school buddies at the local drive-in theatre. The drive-in seems to have disappeared along with our favorite hangouts, the Main Street tastee freeze and bowling alley.

    We ran across this amazing landmark named after my mom, Beverley, in Hattiesburg Mississippi. It is for sale and would make a wonderful flea market venue. Any buyers out there?

    Just down the street, Hwy 49 South, I spied Marketplace Antiques & Frenchie's Flea Market (601-544-6644) and decided to check it out. I wasn't surprised when I saw this drive-in movie speaker for sale.

    Kerry waited in the car as I cruised over 200 booths in this very large antique mall. Realizing I could be a while, he came inside to explore with me.

    The auditorium chairs were in the back, the flea market area, and I was told the vendor had over 500 to pick from @ $20. each.

    This historic train depot bench was priced a titch higher...

    The sign above reads:
    No trespassing on this farm. No sitting on or climbing fences or going through them. No climbing on buildings.... you get the idea...I get the impression the property owner was a little annoyed with folks when he scribbled out this warning.

    Our stomachs were beginning to grumble. I advised my husband that I couldn't possibly eat another meal served under the Golden Arches. He recommended we look for a quirky hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a barbecue sign and a parking lot filled with cars. It didn't take us very long to find just that! Shady Acres in Seminary, Mississippi on Hwy 49. (601-722-4130)

    I didn't try the crawfish...but I did chow down a pulled pork barbecue sandwich. Mm mm.

    If the sign said antiques...we stopped! Jerry and Ann Kukor welcomed us to their charming shop in Magee, Mississippi on Hwy 49 and Ann gave us a tour of her beautiful watercolor paintings she has for sale. (601-797-4393)

    No room in the truck for this rockin' juke box...

    My bumper sticker says I brake for junk...that includes trash as well!

    Trash and Treasure on Hwy 49 in Mendenhall Mississippi was an adventure in junk! A little more digging than your average mall, but the great prices made it worth it! (601-847-6700)

    Love the ashtray by the front door! Not for sale.

    My husband spotted this treasure and we were able to find it a spot in the truck! Yippee!

    Kerry and I met so many wonderful people on our 2nd day of travel and saw the coolest junk! We arrived at the Arricks, our hosts, in Tyler Texas late that evening. We had to rest up for a busy next day in Canton Texas! Can't wait to tell you all about it!
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