• Road Trip. Fairhope Alabama.

    Mid morning Tuesday, May 26, my husband and I rolled out of my folks Ocala Florida driveway in my black pick-up truck with a bumper sticker that reads, I brake for junk. Our plan was to reach Canton Texas early Wednesday evening. It would be an easy drive (under 1000 miles) and should allow plenty of time to junk along the way.

    It poured most of the day as we made our way along Interstate 10. I was hoping to stop at Mary Proctor's Junkyard/Folk Art Gallery and Museum in Tallahassee, but it was obvious the rain wasn't letting up anytime soon. (I assumed the junkyard part was outside...although I am not really sure.) We decided to take a rain check and continue our journey in dry clothes.

    As we drove along the quiet Interstate, I was disappointed not to see the usual barrage of Antique Mall billboards...what no junk? It was close to five PM, we were just about to cross the bay into Mobile Alabama, and I spied an exit sign for Fairhope. My Minnesotan friend, Carol Olson, had rattled on about her family's winter get-a-way spot in Alabama and extended an open invitation, should we ever be in the area. (Unfortunately, they head north in April.) I convinced my husband, Kerry, to turn around and head back to Fairhope to check it out.

    Fairhope Alabama is a lovely town oozing with history and charm located right on the water just a few miles off the Interstate. The gardens flanking the downtown streets are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

    Who waters all these, anyway?

    I immediately spotted Architectual & Garden Antiques. It was close to closing time, but Rob, the owner was kind enough to stay open while I took a few pics

    Oh my goodness...I wouldn't put this in the junk category, but I know you will agree, his place is fabulous. Rob owns 3 shops in town and purchases all his cool stuff in Europe. I know you will be drooling on your keyboard after scrolling through the photos below.

    Under $10.

    Over $10.

    They just don't make doors the way they used to...

    Drooling yet?

    The pair of blue columns were my fav.

    Rob has exquisite taste and I was overwhelmed with his incredible inventory.

    Definitely meant for a Junk Queen or King!

    Is your keyboard wet yet?

    Rob was pleasantly chatty and and offered shopping, hotel, and dinner suggestions.

    We checked into the brand spankin' new Hampton Inn where we were surprised by the reasonable rate. The room was great and the folks very accommodating.

    We visited with locals and sipped a glass of Chardonnay at Red or White just down the street from the hotel.

    Kerry and I woofed down dinners of deep-fried and crab-stuffed shrimp at Wentzell's on the deck, a traditon since 1938.

    Back on the road early Wednesday AM...wish we could have stayed longer. Carol assured me on my next visit she would show me the out-of-the-way junk spots.

    Five more days of fun and junk! I can't wait to share my stories and pics!
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