• Antique Mall Detour.

    The plan was to rise early, fill my thermos with hot coffee, and head to Webster Florida's Monday Flea Market, (about an hour away). It rained hard throughout the night and was still pouring when I straggled out of bed and looked out my window at the dark swollen clouds. Wondered how many vendors would show? I know they say rain or shine...I also know some dealers don't adhere to that philosophy. My sister Karla was thrilled to hear our plans had changed and we'd be junking indoors!

    There are 2 antique malls just up I-75 that I have been meaning to explore ever since I arrived in Ocala a few months back. Our first stop was Smiley's Antique Mall in Micanopy FL.

    I need to remind myself to focus when shopping antique malls. With such a large assortment of antiques and vintage junk I get confused and exhausted easily. I took pics of a few of my favorite finds.

    A rumble seat basket...someone took very good care of, it was in excellent condition.

    I am always attracted to trophies. Are you?

    Thought this clock might be good for the Junk Corral at the Bonanza.

    This too.

    This turq table is actually a coffee table..very cool!

    I never quite understood the head friend, Tacy, collects them.

    A gravy boat for my personal stash.

    Interesting shape coffee cup..squarish.

    Terry, a friendly knowledgeable dealer, explained the interesting history behind his fish decoys and took me on a guided tour of Smiley's.

    My favorite find of the day...this industrial freezer handle. It may turn out to be the piece of junk I dream about tonight and have to go back and pick up tomorrow.

    I always look forward to finding something I have never seen before. Smiley's did not disappoint. There were some great buys, fascinating finds, and beautiful antiques.

    Lunch just down the street proved to be absolutely delicious. Barbecued sliced pork sandwich on a toasted bun with a side of coleslaw! MMMM!

    Next stop A Antique Mall, Marion county's largest, boasting 125 plus vendors in 20,000 square feet. Proprietor, Warren Keen, has been in the bus. over 40 years and moved to Reddick FL from West Palm 3 1/2 years ago.

    This dealer obviously has a sense of humor! Great display lures and fancy china.

    I am attracted to organ that odd?

    A Antique Mall has one of the best selections of furniture I have seen in a long time. My sister Karla is wondering who sleeps in this kind of bed? (Junk queens, I guess.) Chairs, Tables, Armoires, China cabinets. It is crazy how much furniture they house. Mid century modern, Victorian , primitive, even loads of rattan.

    This dental cabinet is very unique. The cabinet is wood and pretty ornate. All the drawers are metal inside.

    I am thinking I might want to start a horse trophy collection...

    I love old paintings. I am curious, who held the brush and what inspired them to paint?

    Pretty colors!

    Love these little souvenir bottles.

    I once had a pet rat that ate my brother's bug collection. Eeek! I was in big trouble.

    A great buy...includes bakelite silverware.

    Hamm's the beer refreshing. I'm from Minnesota!

    It never stopped raining. We enjoyed the day junkin' indoors. Both Malls are just off I-75 south of Gainesville so be sure to check them out if you are in the neighborhood!

    I leave for Minnesota in a week via Canton Texas! Yippee! More junking!
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