• Shopping Renninger's Mt. dora. Part 2

    Heaven on Earth! Renninger's Extravaganza is my idea of junk heaven. I envision the pearly gates to be built from the most beautiful junk I will ever see.

    It was a wondrous day of shopping and I know I left many junk stones unturned.

    My problem is I get hung up at booth's like Debs, scrounging through the overflowing boxes of hinges, knobs, buttons, and magnificent hardware.

    Flea markets can be exhausting. Sometimes, I wish I could turn my brain off. It's overwhelming thinking of all the potential projects lurking in the mountains of good junk.

    Where else can you find Patti-Pac cake make-up along side door knobs, corner blocks, and frying pans?

    My uncle Scott needed a frying pan for the grill so we checked out his options. We both learned some of the history of Griswold from a friendly, patient, and knowledgeable vendor. His purchase was this pan above. $25.

    Scott passed up this pan...$950. To find out more about Griswold and why the heck there is such a dramatic difference in prices, click here.

    I was attracted to this booth filled with frames, mirrors and wall art, all constructed from spectacular salvaged ceiling tin. No wonder...I realized it was the booth of Bobby Boyd, one of our Junk Bonanza vendors from Chicago. He and I had the same idea , head south for the winter and enjoy a slice of heaven.

    Bobby is headed to Texas this month. Smart guy!

    The day was long, the weather was what Minnesotans dream of in the month of February.

    When I literally almost ran over this pooped puppy, I knew exactly how he felt! I am planning a shopping trip to Webster and Arcadia Florida during my stay. Will share pics. I am having too much fun!

    Be sure to visit the brand new Junk Revolution Gallery where I will feature one of my favorite blogs, websites, shops, artists, vendors, flea markets or products each week.
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