• Shopping Renninger's Mt. Dora. Part 1

    My definition of a flea market is a junk smorgasbord. I satisfied my junk appetite last weekend at Mt. Dora! As you will see, there was plenty of good junk to be devoured.

    My sister, brother-in-law, and uncle joined me in a spectacular day of junking. We started out early at Renninger's Weekend Market across the street from Renninger's Antique Extravaganza Mt. Dora, Florida. The market is open 52 weekends of the year. ( I suspect it is busiest during the 3 scheduled Extravaganzas, January, February, & November.) No admission.

    First stop, the tool booth. This box of trowels had project written all over it. I purchased 4 at $3. each. Can you guess what it will be?

    I am attracted to most things in quantity...why is that?

    I am also attracted to most things marked 50 cents.

    I guess that is why I was giddy when I found Dennis Wentz!

    His booth was filled with reclaimed junk from an old mill. His stories were as good as his junk! These perforated metal tubes were used to hold yarn during the dying process.

    Not sure what these springs were used for...I bought some of them anyway...50 cents each.

    A beautiful day to be alive and junking!

    This cool piece of junk caught my uncle Scott's eye. A candy mold marked $25. Being his first flea market, he asked me for advice on negotiating with the vendor. Feeling a little smug, I grabbed hold of the mold and said "Watch me."

    Confidently I hollered across the booth "What's your best price as I held up the mold...the friendly gal answered back "It is not my booth." I sheepishly looked around for the actual vendor. I tried again and got a quick $12. answer. Scott looked over at me and was obviously impressed by my ability to negotiate an amount less than half of it's marked price with one polite sentence. I grinned, said thank you, and quickly paid her price.

    My point was to let the vendor give the price, as it is often less than what you are willing to pay. We would have been happy with a 20% discount, and my tutorial was a success! Scott received multiple compliments on his purchase throughout the day along with remarks on the great price, as they eyed the $25. sticker. We both just smiled.

    I spent some time perusing boxes of buttons.

    I purchased a few of my favorites to craft a necklace.

    I wish I had more room in my truck...I would have grabbed 2 of these chicken feeders. They were the perfect height for bases for a side table, planters, bird baths...4th of July ready!

    It was nearly time to meet fellow junker, Carol, at Renninger's Antique Extravaganza. We scooted over to the large field across the road and paid the $6. admission fee.

    It's odd. Carol and I have never met, but I felt like we'd known each other forever. We hugged and chit chatted about our morning finds and bonded because of our mutual passion for junk.

    The junk gets a little cooler and a bit more pricey behind the gates of the Antique Extravaganza.

    Many vendors set up at the best shows in the country...Round Top, Brimfield, Nashville... and find Mt. Dora to be a pleasant and profitable winter escape.

    One of my favorite of the day! I have vivid memories holding a card over one eye and pointing left, right, up...down.

    I have no idea who would want a lavender pedestal sink in their home. I guess, that's what makes the world go round!

    Debs booth was a treasure trove. Boxes of thing-a-ma-jigs to die for.

    I just had to have some of these little buggers! Debs explained to me they were caps for chair legs that used casters. I forgot to ask what they are called. Anybody know? I feel a project coming on...

    Stay tuned for Part 2!
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