• Once in a Junker's Lifetime.

    You know when you see it. It is the first and last time you will ever see one like it again.

    I ran across this gem a few days ago at Ole Cracker House Antique Mall in Ocala, Florida.

    My sister and I were both blown away by this spectacular airplane ashtray stand. I have never seen anything like it! It included a lighted base, 2 ashtrays, 1 little compartment that has me puzzled...

    and of course, a cigarette lighter.

    It was a little out of my price range, $425., but I hated to pass it by as I know I will never see one like it again. I suspect someday I will be kicking myself!

    I have a whole bunch of photos from this wonderful shop that I will post soon. I was just planning to run in for a minute and check out Ole Cracker House...I stayed for almost 2 hours!

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