• Irene's Junk.

    Irene has great junk. Irene has a lot of great junk. You are about to get just a taste of her spectacular hand selected collection. Everything Irene owns and displays has passed the I gotta love it before it's brought through the front door test.

    No Margo, a butler ball is not a dance for butlers and maids. Yes Joy, it's purpose was to eliminate the butler disturbing dinner guests by having to turn around. It obviously works since I was unable to photograph a close up without getting my image in the ball. (Notice my reflection above.)

    I was told the caster/dolly thingies were to move pianos...however, I wouldn't bet my life on it.

    It's all in the presentation! Old watch parts never looked so good.

    I wish I could have photographed the entire display ladder. It is at least 10 feet tall and is attached to the wall in Irene's vaulted living room. I apologize for not mentioning Scott, Irene's husband. (He lives there too.)

    Some junk is repurposed, some redesigned, and some just sits their and looks cool.

    The elevator plate tells us there were 8 floors in it's original building. It hangs over the doorway to the master bath.

    This pillow was made from terry cloth bath towels that belonged to Irene's grandmother.

    Irene removed the red vinyl seat fabric and replaced it with a glamorous seafoam and cocoa animal print.

    1,2,3 pianos adorn the stone fireplace wall. The one on the right is heavy...I know.

    Almost any kind of junk can be repurposed as a pedestal.

    One of my favorite Irene projects! The frame originally housed a mirror...but was too heavy to hang. How long did it take you to save up all those corks Irene? (It's a good idea to make friends with a bartender, better yet, a sommelier.)

    The foyer table...2 books, a bronze colored lamp base filled with marbles housed in a giant bird cage. Wow!

    Nice legs!

    Smokin' Joe.

    I forgot to ask Irene what these I recall they have something to do with beer? I'll get back to you on that one!

    An old auger was used to display this incredible wall hanging.

    An old auger with ice box hinges and a welder.

    Vintage replaces ugly.

    Recognize this redesign?

    Junk. Every where you look.

    Irene collects sand. I know that sounds odd, but what better way to remember the beaches you have walked. Certainly beats memories of sunburns.

    Out of all my projects over the years, I would include this one in my top 10 favorites. It has been a popular with readers as well!
    Okay, now that was just a taste! Irene is truly an original Junkmaster!

    Good night Irene!
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