• Oronoco Flea Market

    Saturday August 16 2008. The sky was Bimini blue, the sun was the perfect shade of warm,and a light breeze kept the beads of sweat from forming on my forehead. I paused briefly and realized how lucky I was to be in this spot at this moment.

    I know you'll understand after viewing my junking photos from Oronoco Gold Rush Days!

    My husband, Kerry, and I escorted Iris and Sam, Country Home contest winners from Nevada, to breakfast at the Oronoco fire station followed by a preview of some of my favorite vendor booths at Oronoco. (Kerry is taking the photo.)

    I had never seen a wicker thermos caddy.

    Bet you'd like to dig through this pile of junk!

    I could have spent a whole day just looking at textiles!

    When I asked the vendor if he had any VFW, American Legion, Elks Club or Shriner's glasses, he said he leaves those at home because they never sell. (I guess I'm just a little ahead of the trend.)

    Know any Kellys? I do!

    This was one big camera! Quite the conversation piece.

    I know this could be the perfect gift for somebody. Karaoke anyone?

    I have always loved these backseat thermos holders. Now I just need a Woody station wagon.

    I bought this whole box of bottles for $10. I have an idea for a project....

    Do you know who Tony was?

    Even the broken pieces are beautiful!

    Why don't they make drink/glass holders anymore?

    This hand made model home included the newspaper article about the man that built it in the 50's. It has 4,500 hand carved shingles.

    My shopping was a bit horsey as I am into the Junk Corral mode with the Bonanza coming up!

    Including this little gal, Sandy. I purchased her sight unseen from Richard over the phone and picked her up at Oronoco. I was not disappointed! (I've always wanted a coin operated horse named Sandy...she will be for sale at the Junk Bonanza.) If you are ever near Spooner Wisconsin, visit Poor Richards Antiques. I guarantee you will be impressed by his incredible inventory that includes some of the most unique pieces you will ever run across!

    Loading was interesting...Sandy weighs around 300 pounds.

    These doggie postcards will be heading to the Bonanza as well!

    I had to have it! Prize French bull from the early 1900's.

    I was tempted by the gold sparkly keys, but I know when I'm pushing the envelop.

    I wasn't looking for furniture, but I did buy one piece...

    An old Post Office window from Indianapolis.

    How could I resist? Perfect for a craft room/ office.

    What does this mean? My husband and I have a totally different idea.

    Who had the patience to make all those little boxes without going nuts?!

    I love old beaters. Wouldn't it make a great light fixture!!

    We were invited over to the Pharkel sisters home away from home at the Oronoco campgrounds. They will be vendors at the Junk Bonanza. You may catch them unwinding in their infamous red and white bus of fun!

    Great stuff from Bonanza vendors, Larry and Val.

    This is a first for me...salesman samples?

    Once again Oronoco Gold Rush Days did not disappoint. It is one of the best flea markets in the Country! If you've never been be sure to check it out in August of 2009!

    A quick stop to use a real flush toilet, wash hands and grab a cold bottle of water. Kerry and I never thought about how we would unload 300 pound Sandy all by ourselves. Needless to say, Sandy is still riding in the bed of my truck. It is kinda fun to see people's reaction when I pass them on the freeway! I am prouder than a teenager with a new car!

    Take care,
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