• Antique Fair

    It was a lovely day for an Antique fair. My hubby and I brought 2 pick up loads of junk to sell on the lawn at Dunn Bros Coffee house in Eden Prairie MN. I gathered up mostly smalls as I am going through my annual de-clutter and simplify life phase.

    I tried to keep from straying from my area as I wanted make it back home with only one load. I'm sure you'll agree it is way more fun buying than selling! Shutters are the perfect beginning to so many projects.

    I was attracted to this vendor's color coordinated displays.

    A pair of spectacular windows that will be migrating to the Junk Bonanza.

    Anyone from Dubuque, Iowa?

    I am attracted to old cameras, but what I really have a thing for lately are aluminum folding chairs as pictured in the background. I suspect we will be seeing repros in the Pottery Barn Catalogue next summer. (I can feel it!)

    There was a wide variety of antiques and junk at really good prices. I struggled with my urge to buy something.

    The day was relaxed, friendly, and fun! A welcome break from the hectic week.

    Finally, I just couldn't stand it. The 2 chairs I had been eyeing all day across the yard were still available. They must be meant for me! I don't need chairs! I have no idea what drew me to them. The upholstery is in perfect condition, they feel sturdy enough, and they still have all their casters. But I don't need chairs. I bought them anyway...$20. for the pair.

    When I was unloading my guilt ridden purchase from the bed of my pick-up I noticed paper attached to the back of both chairs. Could they really be that old? Maybe Adam and Maria are long lost relatives and they were calling to me. I'll use that as my excuse for lack of will power.

    Next week is Oronoco...700 vendors and a whole town of junk. I suspect my de-clutter phase will be over by then!

    Take care,
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