• Sunday Mornings

    I have never been terribly confident in social settings. (I think that is why I was attracted to my husband 30 some years ago, as he was always outgoing and comfortable meeting new people.) I am not shy, just not usually the first one to jump in and carry a conversation. There is one exception to my timid personality. Flea markets! I never bother asking Kerry if he wants to get up early Sunday mornings and head on over to the Medina fleamarket sponsored by the local Lions Club. I feel at home with the friendly vendors and fellow customers while I stroll the aisles and visit with anyone that is willing to chat.

    This past Sunday I met new friends, visited with old friends and rummaged through some really cool junk!

    I don't wear vintage jewelry but I am attracted to it! I love seeing old jewelry recrafted as bottle stoppers on old bottles and salt shakers.

    I am also attracted to weddding cake toppers...not sure why.

    Guess what these are. Yep, vintage car seat covers. They will make wonderful table runners!

    Now this is what I call dressed for the occasion!

    I couldn't resist!

    With the election coming up I was surprised these weren't sold.

    I am a sucker for anything in quantity...I got all these for $7.00

    It killed me to pass these up.

    I couldn't pass these sell at the Bonanza!

    What's the deal with the cool peach colored truck you ask? I saw it in the parking lot, fell in love with it, and it is for sale. I called the owner and asked if he would like to display it at the Bonanza. (If it doesn't sell before September.)

    Stay tuned for part 3 coming up....

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