• Inspiration Junk Piles

    My house is neat as a pin. My office/workroom usually looks like it was hit by a tornado. That tornado would be me! I have piles of junk on every chair, table top, and cabinet, and in every corner of the room. Inspiration junk piles!

    I pull curious scraps and pieces out of bins for projects and when I'm finished...I can't bear to put them back in the bin out of sight. I need to just look at them for a while. Interesting junk comes home with me from the flea market and I automatically add it to a junk pile. The right pile, mind you.

    My inspiration piles have been known to take over my office. Today I will show you just one inspiration pile. I don't want to scare you off before you know me better.

    Not sure why my inspiration junk comforts and delights me the way it does and would never try to explain my piles to a non-junker. I know you understand. What's in your pile?

    Heading to Oronoco MN tomorrow (August 14th), one of my fav flea markets! We will have a Junk Bonanza booth on Minnesota Avenue next to the Community Building in downtown Oronoco. Stop by to visit if you are in the neighborhood!
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