• Industrial Light Cage Junk Project.

    Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards the same junk? Okay, this is my third project using the same piece of junk...I can't help myself! I love industrial light cages!

    Last June in my Country Home Cool Junk column I used these cool little buggers as luminaries. I flipped the cage to sit on a table top, wrapped colorful bandanna print velum inside, and added a glass enclosed votive candle.

    Several years ago, I attached light cages to railing posts to resemble hurricane candle holders. I inserted a sand filled jar into each cage and added a candle to light the path down to the lakefront.

    I couldn't resist when I ran across a bunch of light cages at Svinga Brothers Salvage a few months back. Since everything at salvage yards is typically purchased by weight...they were only a few bucks a piece. Yippee!

    I bet you are thinking I could insert jars filled with flowers or candles for a stunning centerpiece. Why not organize my pens, markers scissors, string, etc. in my office or craft room? I decided to have a picnic! Fill the light cages with condiments and jars of silverware. Clever?

    It was very simple to assemble. Overall finished dimensions are 18" high x 10" across at the base. I made a cross base, however just about any shape will work as long as it is sturdy. I glued and screwed a 1 and 1/2" square post to the base.

    I screwed each cage (through existing holes) to each side of the post, tiering aproximately 3" apart.

    Can't get any easier than that!

    Recognize the flour sack I picked up for a buck at Renninger's Mt. Dora Extravaganza? I knew it would come in handy.

    I know you are waiting to see my next project. The paint is now dry. I just need a model. Working on that! I can't wait to start on the ugly light fixture project!

    Check out the Gallery to see the winner of the Good Junk Seal of Approval! You must visit Heather's website!
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