• Flower Trug. Feed Sack Junk Project.

    A rainy day may keep you from the garden, but it is the perfect time to make this handy flower trug!

    Measure and cut 2 spindles or dowels slightly longer than the width of your feed sack.

    Cut open the closed bottom seam of your sack. Fold and press raw edges in on both ends. Measure, cut, and attach 1" webbing as shown above. (Loops should fit snugly over spindle.)

    Double top stitch across ends to secure loops and close seams. (No sewing machine? Fabric glue and a needle & thread will do the trick.)

    To prevent spindle from slipping through loops, tack loops to spindle with small nail that can be removed for washing.

    Sun's out! Have fun in the garden...that is if you are lucky enough to live in a zone where the ground isn't still frozen!

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