• Easter Parade. Tape Dispenser Junk Project.

    I'm not Martha. Thank goodness. I have tried a few of her famous egg projects and I can honestly say, mine suck! You can call me lazy, I don't care! My Easter centerpiece has eggs...the store bought chocolate kind,nestled in a piece of junk.

    My stash from Svinga Brothers Salvage. The vintage metal tape dispenser cost me a couple bucks. (I see a variety of tape dispensers at fleas and have always wanted to give them a new use.)

    I was planning on re-purposing it as a napkin holder, but I needed a quick & easy Easter project, so I took a little detour.

    I scrubbed it clean and shined it with my favorite wood finish.

    I cut 2 pieces of Styrofoam I borrowed from my sister.

    I stuck a branch in the center from one of the bushes growing beside my front door.

    Spanish moss was the perfect bunny grass as it was hanging from the tree in my yard. (Hay, packing straw, or shredded paper works too...whatever is available & cheap.)

    I clipped short wire, looped the ends with a needle nose pliers, poked through the store bought eggs and looped again.

    I was scrounging to find something to hang my eggs with, as I didn't want to make the trip to the craft store to find cute ribbon. I used last years Easter basket grass.

    My biggest expense. Chocolate!

    I caught my diabetic father today with chocolate on his mouth. Oops!

    You know me well enough by now, to figure the recycled tape dispenser will probably come back as a bathroom organizer or napkin holder...

    Check out the Junk Revolution Gallery. I know you will fall in love with Fobots!

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