• Just Married. Button Junk Project.

    Junk bliss is the marriage between 2 pieces of junk that were meant for each other. In an earlier post I rambled on about all the cool junk I found at Reninger's Mt. Dora Extravaganza. I didn't realize at the time, 2 of my purchases were a marriage made in heaven!

    The bride.

    The groom.

    The groom, as I mentioned, was used on the bottom of chair and table legs with casters...still don't know what they are me out.

    I guess you could call this the wedding party!

    I pinched 1" corner braces with a pliers to add a slight angle.

    I attached the braces to the whatchamacallits with super glue.

    I left some whatchamacallits without backing as shown above.

    To secure the button, I snipped a paper clip and bent it with a pliers to resemble a cotter pin. I slipped the clip through the button back to secure.

    I gave other whatchamacallits a backing.

    I cut scrap cardboard to fit snugly inside.

    I punched a hole through the cardboard (brown color on opposite side) with a sharp nail to accommodate the button back. I left the hole slightly smaller than the button back so it was secure when pushed in.

    A junk marriage made in heaven!

    Oh, I know you are thinking. Whatchamacallits would make the cutest little're right!

    If you haven't checked out Junk Revolution's online store for your spring junking gear, head on over!
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