• Cooling Rack Junk Project

    Remember those cooling racks I picked up at Mt. Dora a few weeks ago? I promised you a project! Since shelter magazines have deemed February organization month, here's my stab at getting my desk organized.

    I consider cooling racks common junk. You can find them anywhere, everywhere, and usually in quantity.

    This vendor would be pleased to know his junk was given a second chance at being useful.

    I built a frame from square dowels securing with wood glue and brad nails to fit my racks. Notice the 4 runners I attached to support the 2 cooling racks that were narrower. I painted the wood structure white. (My roof angles are 30 degrees.)

    I purchased 4 sheets of 8 x 10" clear acrylic from Lowes and drilled 2 holes in each to attach to the top of my frame. I cut my decorative paper, purchased at Michael's, to fit between the sheets of acrylic using a floral pattern for the top of the roof and a stripe for the underside. The paper can be changed out easily for the seasons...or if you are like me, just because you are ready for something new!

    I actually took how-to photos along the way and have lost them...not sure if I deleted them from my camera or they are hiding in the depths of my computer. Should I find them, I will post them for you to check out.

    The hardest part about this project was figuring out what material I was going to use for the roof. I contemplated screen, old tin, vinyl tile, wall vents, and even a rubber perforated sink mat. No fancy tools required, but a miter box for the roof angles comes in handy.

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