• Fireplace Screen. Junk Project #2.

    Ta Da! Okay, I know it is not the most original idea...but Karla needed something to fill a big blank wall. I think it is stunning!

    The $40. fireplace screen whispered take me...take me. And she did.

    Karla's husband, Mr. C gave her that look when she unloaded it from my truck. You know the look. The eyes roll, the lips frown slightly, and the forehead crinkles. "You're not really going to bring that piece of junk in the house, are you?" "Well, I could use your help." she replied.

    Not only did he help with our project, he taught me a thing or too. We built a frame using pine boards measuring slightly larger than molding we purchased from Home Depot and joined the corners as shown. This was my first experience using a pocket hole joiner. What a handy little gadget!

    A little wood glue and screws did the trick.

    We mitered the corners of the molding and attached it to the top of the pine boards. Notice we left enough pine exposed to inset the screen.

    We painted the frame and attached the screen with screws.

    Voila! A big blank wall disappears! Junk? I don't see any junk?

    While making our Home Depot run, Karla introduced me to the Ocala Goodwill store. I wasn't planning on buying anything...but I just couldn't help myself. You see I found these amazing golf clubs. I have 2 projects in mind...I don't even play golf!

    Don't forget to check out the Junk Revolution online store for the perfect V day gift for your favorite junker!
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