• Fireplace Screen Junk Project #1.

    Remember that fireplace screen my sister, Karla, picked up at Renninger's Mt. Dora Extravaganza a few weeks ago?

    She had a project in mind when she reluctantly handed the vendor $40. for this vintage screen.

    This isn't the project she had in mind. With the help of the Hardly Able Workshop and Mr. C, the screen was separated into 3 sections. The larger center screen was made will see in my follow-up post...while the sides were perfect for the wall at the end of the tub in her master bath.

    Mr. C, Karla's husband, built the small shelves from scrap trim left over from the primary project.

    Karla, being the frugal decorator that she is, purchased black hooks from Hobby Lobby on sale for $3. each, shortened the rods, and spraypainted them with Rustoleum's dark bronze hammered finish along with the shelves.

    She couldn't resist Hobby Lobby's shiny metallic gold letters when she saw that they were on sale as well. It is amazing what a can of paint can do.

    I bet you are dying to see what happened to the center of the be continued!

    Visit the Junk Revolution message boards and join in the fun!
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