• Let there be light.

    It was time to tidy up Tyson's old room for his trip home. Ooops...I sold his his lamp at the garage sale. I needed something cheap and quick.

    My goal was to build a lamp out of things I could find in my basement. I grabbed a clamp on light, 4 clothes pins, a cotter pin and a lamp shade from my stash. (I am somewhat a collector of mid century modern lampshades. I only buy them when I can find them really cheap.)

    I dismantled the clamp on light, removing the tin shade and the clamp. I hung the socket and bulb in the center of the lampshade from the cotter pin as shown. (Any straight object would work.)

    I sparked up my clothes pins with a little wood finish and slid them on for feet. The clippy kind work too.

    I gotta tell you, it took me 10 minutes to build the lamp and way longer to photograph it. A new lamp shade would work for this project as well. Vertical is best. Be creative with the feet. Alligator clips inserted into wood blocks or crystal nobs....

    I learned most everything I know about tools and construction design from my son, Tyson. Hope he is impressed!

    My very favorite item just went up on the Junk Revolution online store. Printer block tile charms. They are awesome! I have been previewing the photos for the one of a kind items that will be for sale soon on line. Each item has been hand selected and bears the Good Junk seal of approval. I know you will be saying...where does she find all her junk!

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