• Vintage Light Reflector Idea

    Yes, I am still decorating for the Holidays. Actually, I have just started. This year will be simple and sparse, as I sold most of my Christmas decorations at our garage sale in October. I realized this past weekend I inadvertently got rid of all my twinkly lights. Ooops!

    By the time my husband got to the store, they were pretty picked over...but they were on sale. Rather than complain about his purchase, I decided to snazz them up with my bagful of vintage light reflectors. As you know, the hole in the reflectors is too large to fit over new light strands.

    While watching one of my favorite TV shows, Chuck, last night I monkeyed around with different ways to get them to work together. I tried stickers, double stick tape, circle punch outs, Velcro dots, even corn cushions (for your feet)... this is what I found works. Those little green flexible rubber caps for floral tubes. Who would have thought.

    No glue needed, Just push them over the light socket and gently squeeze the cap as you pull on the light reflector. Wow!

    I cut small branches of evergreens from my yard, bundled them in 3's, and attached them to a wire wreath form with floral wire. Martha would be proud!

    I twisted my lights into the branches and plugged it in.

    This would also make a wonderful hurricane candle ring centerpiece.

    Need to spruce up a bottle of wine for the hosts of your next Holiday party?

    Junk never looked so good! Cheers.

    My kids will be home in a couple days and I realized I sold the lamp from Tyson's room at the garage sale as well. That is my next project...

    Check out the Junk Revolution online store for your last minute shopping!

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