• Home for the Holidays.

    There is no place like home! Kerry and I feel blessed that both our kids are able to make it home for the Holidays.

    Ever since our garage sale this past fall, our house has been in a bit of disarray. Taylor's old room became my photo studio, (it has that great white wall) and Tyson's bedroom turned into the photo prep room, strewn with work tables, supplies, a pressing iron, props and online store product.

    I want them to feel welcome and I guess they are gonna need a place to sleep. I needed to return their spaces to working bedrooms! (Maybe I should say, nonworking bedrooms.)

    I do love to paint! I painted Taylor's room bright turq a few years back for a makeover article for JunkMarket Style Magazine. It was looking a little dinged up and weary, and I must admit, I was tired of the color. So for $35. (1 gallon of paint & 5 hours of work) I gave the room a whole new look!

    I stuck in the blue color family as I wanted to be sure it worked with the really cool existing weathered shutters that have a hint of blue in the patina. Sherwin Williams color # SW6218 Tradewind was my choice. I was worried it was going to be too light as I applied it, but it dried slightly darker and I love it!

    Love using my Tomboy Tools Impact driver. It is lightweight and easy to use!

    We couldn't give this piece of furniture away at the JunkMarket as an outdated brown dresser. I removed the 2 center drawers and painted the dresser white. I ordered glass shelves cut to fit the drawer runners and used Armour Etch from Michaels to frost the glass. (I attached legs to the extra drawers to transform them into storage chests.)

    The extras include a lime green TV lamp filled with Christmas balls, a vintage restaurant platter as a catchall for keys and jewelry and these festive wooden deer I dressed with ribbon, bells, and balls.

    One of my favorite purchases, a jazzed up music stool.

    A chippy white frame for a photo near and dear to my heart.

    A tinsel tree sits on top of Taylor's old desk.

    An iron rest acts as a coaster for a pretty glass soon to be filled with fresh flowers.

    Redesigned standard-ugly bi-fold doors with vintage hardware added.

    We built this wall in 3 pieces plus the barn door and attached directly to the sheet rock. It makes a great headboard and a fabulous photo studio!

    I never tire of laundry basket tables. I purchased the glass from Pier 1 and put glue dots on the rim of the basket to keep it from sliding. A lamp from Home Depot gets a trendy makeover with a vintage shade.

    Notice the phone #. Taylor will love it!

    I broke the glass on this keeps-on-ticking clock when I tried to rehang it. Oops!

    I was lacking artwork. This will do.

    An old hospital tray imitates a nightstand. Hope she doesn't think she'll be getting breakfast in bed....

    I suppose I'd better get rockin' on decorating the rest of the house, oh yeah, and Tyson's bedroom!

    Wanna know what I am making for my hair stylist, Bea, for Christmas? I'll show you later this week!

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