• Vintage Bottle Idea

    I know you have a stash of little bottles somewhere! If you are like me, you buy the little buggers, then let them sit in a box until you get inspired. Grouping bottles is very popular amongst us junkers. We fill them with simple blooms, small candles or colored waters. How 'bout cap them off with small ornaments for the Holidays?

    You may recall I bought this whole box of bottles at Oronoco Flea Market last August for under $10.. They sat in my basement untouched until a few days ago.

    I grouped them in one of my pie plates. You could also use a cookie sheet, mirror, tray, picture frame...just about anything low.

    The fun part was matching the ornaments to the bottles. The neck of the ornament fits into the bottle top opening and keeps it in place. (No glue needed.)
    If you like the cathedral feel, you can substitute the twisted wire with fresh, bendable dogwood or willow branches. You will need to drill holes in the corners of your tray to attach the base of the branches with wire. Secure the tops in the center with wire or twine. Who would have thought those little buggers could be so spectacular all dressed up for the Holidays?

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