• Holiday Card Holder

    Hurray! Holiday cards are starting to show up in our mailbox! I particularly love photo cards. "My, hasn't Taylor and Tyson grown. I remember when..." Here is a quick & easy card holder idea that has multiple careers. It started out in life as a dustpan.

    You may recall I created this door side flower container for American Junk Club last Spring. I lightly sanded an old dustpan, primed and painted it white. I taped off an area on the front that I covered with chalkboard paint, drilled holes in the bottom for drainage and planted perky Petunias. Career #2

    Career #3 is as a holiday card holder!

    I washed the dirt from inside the pan, attached pretty paper with removable glue dots, folding slightly over the top edge. (My first try at measuring and cutting the paper was a little shy, so I glued the solid red strips to the pattern paper to cover my mistake.) Oh yes, I wrote a new message in chalk!

    I attached a sprig of fresh greens, 2 bells and some ribbon to the handle.

    I added cards and attached a few of my favorites to the handle with small office binder clips.

    After the holidays I suppose I could move it to the laundry room to catch those socks missing a partner or to the kitchen to collect the mail...haven't decided yet. Career #4,5,6...

    I hope you didn't get rid of your dustpan when you threw out those useless bookends!

    I will continue to throw projects in on my blog until I finish the project page on my website. I figured you might be getting a little tired listening to my diary ramblings. The message boards will be live sometime later this month. In January we will feature junker of the week, so get ready to nominate a junking friend or yourself, of course.

    New stuff is continuing to arrive for the Junk Revolution online store so be sure to check it out! I will be posting 6 brand new items this week!

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