• A Good Day at the Auction

    I am not the most patient person when it comes to shopping, so auctions are always a bit uncomfortable for me. Especially when my items of interest are scheduled for the end of the day. Last weekend my sister insisted we check out an auction in Citra, Florida. Karla and I ran over to the property early (around noon) to check out the items going up for auction and decided we better sign in and grab chairs. Glad we did!

    Two black University Windsor chairs were on my items of interest list. The auctioneer referred to them as Harvard chairs. There were a few other things on my list and I was hoping to put something in the back of the truck at the end of the day.

    It was probably 95 plus degrees and extremely humid. Uncomfortable, but as my sis says, it helps to weed out the weak at heart early. She was buying for her Etsy site, so had an eagle eye for items that were non-breakable and easily shipped.

    Her first purchase, a metal cooler.

    These were a few of the items on my list, but went a little higher than I was willing to pay considering I would have to ship back to LA.

    Similar items to the ones above will be in the fall issue of Flea Market Style. Wait till you see what we did with them!

    It was a great day....only wish I had worn shorts! My one purchase was the 2 chairs, mint condition with original cushions for twenty bucks each.
    Did some research when I got home to find they were selling on eBay for over $200 each without the cushions. Seems they were made by the oldest furniture manufacturer name in the Country, Nichols and Stone.

    Karla and I went to another auction last night and they happened to have one of my same chairs, 'cept not as good of condition. I thought maybe I would buy if I could get a good deal to add to my collection. Guess what it sold for? Over $350. Yep! Not sure what I will do with my chairs, but I feel better knowing I can probably get my 40 bucks out of the pair if I decide to sell! I did however come home with a giant metal chandelier in my lap. Can't wait to share pics. Not sure what I will do with that either...I really need a store!

    What is the best deal you have gotten at an auction, flea or yard sale??
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