• A Much Needed Flea Break

    I have been hanging out with my dad and sis on the farm in Ocala Florida while I finish the fall issue of Flea Market Style magazine. We have less than 2 weeks to hand everything over to the publisher and the details are mind blowing. I am sorta a big picture gal so this part of the process is a titch stressful. This morning, my sister insisted I get off my butt, leave the computer screen so we could check out the local weekend flea market. I am glad she was persistent!

    You will never guess what we used softballs for in this next issue of FMS!

    My sister Karla found this handmade afghan which will be going on her Etsy site soon. It is awesome!

    Yep, I thought so! Heywood Wakefield when I turned the chair over.

    I always like the chairs the vendors sit in. Why is that?

    My purchase, Texasware like bowls. Wish you could see the little speckles. My sister was not feeling it. It is nice to junk with someone that has different style picks. No fighting over stuff!

    It is quiet on the farm so it is the perfect place to finish up the fall issue of Flea Market Style magazine. I have already upgraded my MiFi account when I ran out of bytes earlier today. No high speed Internet at the bunk house and if I stand in just the right spot I can stay connected for most cell phone conversations. This post was a challenge as my service cut out a few times before I finished. Geez!
    My sister informed me there are a few auctions coming up and I better get this magazine finished so we can do some more junking before I go back to LA.
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