• I Nailed It!

    I can't help digging through piles of date nails every time I spot them at flea markets. I own a small jarful of meaningful dates including my birth year...not gonna tell you what that is...

    I knew they are from wooden railroad ties and mark the date the tie was installed, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I decided to take a minute and do an online search and came across a great article. I am now better informed! Did you know France made the first date nails around 1859? Neither did I. Check out this link for a short course in these cool little buggers.
    Now I just have to figure out something fun to do with them...any ideas?

    Heading to Des Moines next week to shoot 2 stories for Flea Market Style mag. Fun time with Cammie, Stacey and Adam!
    P.S. Title of post was inspired by American Idol. Could I get any cornier?
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