• Ode to Joy!

    Ode to Joy by Kristin

    I had a wonderful Mom's day at the Rose Bowl with my kids and want to thank everyone for their sweet notes. You have no idea how comforting it was to hear from all of you. Thank you.

    I want to tell you about Kristin, a good friend of mine, who has challenged herself to blogging everyday for a year. Not that unusual you say? Kristin is a brilliant artist with a keen sense of humor.
    Get this... she will create a piece of art everyday and post about it.

    Crab Cakes by Kristin

    This is the note she sent me this AM...

    You can check out my blog, now be warned, the picture I did this morning is one I drew while I was waiting to meet you at Salut for drinks....and you couldn't look at it....too graphic, I thought it was humorous, it made me laugh. This morning I finally put color to it.

    Kristin has crazy wild dreams and has decided to paint them...wait till you see her Project Runway model in a gown made from a tube of toothpaste. Her blog,
    Camp Studios, will make you smile! Be sure to say hi and welcome her to the blog world!

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