• A Girls Day Out!

    Yep, you guessed it! Junking with my sis, Karla, at Svinga Bros in Ocala Florida. Just a girl's day out shopping the salvage yard. Beats the Grove in LA!

    No minors...I guess this junk is rated XXX!

    Price is determined by weight and metal type.

    Already made a project out of these wall mount tissue boxes. (With the help of Karla's husband.)

    Wonder what she has up her sleeve? It is on her Etsy shop along with some great locker tags and keys with locks that she nabbed!

    We didn't ride in on bicycles so we were ok.

    A simple piece of junk and a little imagination is the start of something amazing!

    Love Karla's design. Modern desk organizers using ashtrays from airline seat arms..She is a genius! You can check them out on her Etsy site!
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