• Welcome to Sunny California!

    My new ride, a Ford Escape.

    No scraping windows in this part of the country. Yeah! It has been 75 and sunny since I arrived! Still sleeping on my kid's sofa while my apartment bathroom is being remodeled. Can't wait to show you the before and after. Hoping to move in this weekend.

    My new home in Larchmont Village Los Angeles CA

    I have been learning my way around town. I am still a bit nervous when driving and parking. No big suburban parking lots here. Thank goodness for back-up cameras. I managed to find the fashion district in downtown LA for my fabric needs and have visited a few
    spendy antique stores. Need suggestions on salvage yards, used restaurant supply stores, thrift shops and bargain vintage hot spots. Am looking forward to the Rose Bowl and Long Beach Fleas in a few weeks. Any tips are welcome!

    Spent the weekend with Heather
    Bullard in Riverside CA shooting the cover for Flea Market Style. It goes to print this Friday and we have begun working on the Fall issue. Be sure to head over to the Flea Market Style blog for a host of great give-a-ways!

    Wish me luck! Big City living is gonna take some getting used to. Thank goodness for the kids!

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