• Salt & Pepper Angel Project

    Sometimes the simplest projects are the ones I get most excited about!

    I have been procrastinating producing this project for several years now. Christmas comes and goes and I say to myself "I will get to it next year." (Sound familiar?) Well, I finally decided late or not, I am going to make angels from salt and pepper shakers!

    Step 1
    Place a cork inside the cap. (I had to turn my cork sideways in larger caps to fit snugly.)
    Step 2
    Cut a piece of 18 gauge wire and wrap around a round object to shape halo as shown and insert through hole in cap into cork to secure.

    Step 3
    Wrap tinsel garland around halo and secure by tucking end through wire.

    Step 4
    Attach angel wings to each other with tape or glue and to shaker with double stick poster tape. I used feather wings from a craft store, but vellum or art paper works as well. Embellish with ribbon or cord. Fill glass shakers with colored sugars for a festive option.

    Singular shakers (missing their mates) are the least expensive. The one above cost $1.50 at a flea market.

    Step 5
    Arrange several angels on a mirror, silver tray or decorative china platter and embellish with greens ornaments and pine cones. They also make sweet place card holders or hostess gifts!

    Whew! I feel so much better now that I don't have to store this idea away till next year. My brain will be a little less crowded!
    Happy Holidays!
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