• Let it Snow?

    Waiting for the snowstorm to hit Florida.

    Just heard the weather reports from back home in Minnesota. How many inches? Yikes!

    I am envisioning my truck buried under a mountain of snow. Oh well!

    I just heard from a hearty Minnesotan friend that said "Truthfully, I am GIDDY that it is snow-snow-snowing outside and I'm in the house with my glue and scotch tape! Going to light a fire later and be thankful for a roof to live under! Good to do that every now and then!"
    Wow! Great attitude!

    Karla, junking buddy, seamstress extraordinaire, and decorating on a budget guru

    Just want to let you know my sister Karla, just started a blog. Be sure to visit and say hi! I know she will be excited to hear from you!

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