• Fresh from the Garden!

    Picked fresh from the garden on November 26! Hard to believe, especially for a Minnesotan.

    I am spending time at my bunkhouse on the family farm in Ocala Florida. I needed a quick centerpiece for my sister's birthday brunch and hadn't planned ahead. So shortly before my guests were to arrive I dug through a few craft boxes and came up with some cute paper that I cut into flags, attached to sticks and added to fresh cut flowers.

    I snuck the flowers early this AM from the my sister's garden, hoping she wouldn't notice me rummaging around outside their family room window. Unfortunately Mia, their fox terrier, heard me and announced it to all inside. Ooops!

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments about my mom. It truly meant allot to me. We had a wonderful day and every so often throughout the afternoon I believe my mom knew who I was, or at least that she loves me.
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