• The Bonanza goes campy!

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    The vintage trailer craze seems to be really catching on. I heard a rumor that some vintage trailer lovin' Bonanza shoppers will be pulling in to the Junk Bonanza with their own beauties. I can't wait to check them out for myself!

    There will also be two vintage trailers for sale at the Junk Bonanza! That's right, FOR SALE!

    First, this beautiful 1956 Airstream Caravanner Travel Trailer. It just so happens that 1956 was the first year the Caravanner model was manufactured - this trailer is #80 out of #100 built in Jackson Center, Ohio.

    Look at this cutie! This 1966 Coachmen (Middy) was made in Middlebury, Indiana and measures 10' x 7'. Both trailers will be parked at the main entrance to the Junk Bonanza. Go to the Junk Bonanza activities page for more information!

    As you can probably imagine, my life is a little wild right now. We are making final preparations for the Junk Bonanza, putting finishing touches on the Fall Ideas House at Bachman's and finalizing our shooting schedules and stories for the next Flea Market Style magazine......whew!
    Loving every minute of it!

    I have always dreamed of traveling the country with a vintage trailer and a long list of fleas to shop. Someday...


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