• Junker's Willpower

    I have to say, I have improved my willpower over the years. I automatically ask myself the mandatory six questions before moving ahead on a junk purchase. Do I need it? Do I have room to keep it? Do I have time to refurbish it? Can I afford it? Will I ever find another one? And most important...Will I regret not buying it?

    Big Red Game Wheel. Thirty-six inch diameter, four feet tall on a base, double working wheels that make the coolest clicking sound when spinning, pristine condition. You may know, I am a sucker for game wheels and this is definitely the 'Granddaddy of Wheels'! My heart literally skipped a beat when I eyed it in the corner of an antique warehouse on a junking trip to Nebraska a few weeks ago!

    Willpower out the window! It will be at Junk Bonanza. I feel a little sick to my stomach just thinking about putting a price tag on it. Do I need it? Do I have room.... I know I am not the only junker that struggles with willpower issues!
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