• Random Thoughts.

    I was recently at the Atlanta Gift Market and spent much of my time in crowded elevators traveling from floor to floor. The market was busy and the elevators were working overtime. Folks squeezed a bit closer each time the doors opened to make room for yet another passenger. We all joked and greeted each other while looking at the back of heads.

    Did my hair look as bad as most of my elevator colleagues? I was horrified. I realized the only time I look at the back of my head is when my stylist, Bea, spins me around in the chair and hands me a mirror. That would be about 4 times a year...yikes!

    Upon returning from Market, I ran to my friend Jane's shop and purchased a $4. vintage hand mirror. If I am in a hurry in the morning, I don't bother to look, as I would spend the day knowing my severe cowlick needed some work. What was the saying? What you don't know, won't hurt you?

    I guess that is why I like flea markets...there are no elevators and nobody really cares what you look like. Have you checked out the back of your head lately?

    Amy over at Junkologie blog is having a super giveaway. You could win tickets to the Junk Bonanza or a signed copy of Flea Market Style Magazine 2010. Hop on over and let her know I sent ya!
    PS Yep, that is vintage peach and black tile in my bathroom. It is kinda a love hate thing with me.
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