• Junking Trip 'EST's"

    Just returned from junking in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota with my friend Cammie. Thought you might enjoy the EST highlights of our trip.

    YummiEST Treats!

    CoolEST Junkyard! (also the BuggiEST afternoon)

    GreatEST Value!

    WeirdEST Junk Find! (dentist suitcase)

    FavoritEST Junk Find! (5 foot double game wheel)

    DarnEST Camouflage (Antique store posing as a warehouse)!

    DustiEST Gravel Road!

    FriendliEST Kitty!

    CutEST Train Station!

    TallEST Corn!

    QuirkiEST City Festival!

    BEST Tour Guide and Scout!

    I do love junking!



    PS ~ Go check out the Junk Bonanza blog ( for a fabulous giveaway and to meet another Bonanza vendor!
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