• Halloween Junk Projects

    I am not sure what is wrong with me. I have never gotten terribly excited about Halloween. I know I am in the minority as surveys confirm Halloween is the 2ND largest holiday in the USA and growing in popularity every year! With that said, two of my favorite stories for Country Home Magazine were Halloween projects...go figure!

    You may remember some of my projects from 2006 & 2008 Country Home.

    Grain scoops and pumpkins on display in my rustic shelf made to fit the handles.

    My take on Matthew Mead's pumpkinman.

    Gardeners burlap, ric rac and license plate letters attached with wire.

    A shot of black spray paint, pipe cleaners, and upholstery tack eyes turn vintage Jello molds into scary little critters.

    Junk Pumpkins were a smashing success! I got letters and emails from readers all over the country. Families, elementary school classes, and girlfriends, all creating one of a kind junk pumpkins and having a whole lot of fun!

    Check out the BH&G website...Seems my Junk-o'-Lanterns continue to live on their website!

    Now Matthew Mead ,on the other hand, loves Halloween! You must pick up his new magazine or book. The projects are simple, quick, and not too scary!

    It is snowing like crazy in Minnesota today...hope the pumpkins don't freeze!
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