• Junk Bonanza 2009. Opening Morning.

    Thursday morning September 17th 2009. Junk Revolution's 4th Annual Junk Bonanza opened in it's new home, Canterbury Park, Shakopee Minnesota.

    Marshall's Farm Market of Eden Prairie MN welcomed Junk Bonanza customers with locally grown produce and plants along with delicious homemade honey, pesto, salsa, jams, breads and more.

    Early Bird shoppers (many from out-of-state) were in line by 7:30 AM and buzzing with excitement! They would be the first customers to lay their eyes and hands on some the most incredible antiques and good junk in the Midwest.

    Emily and crew handed out Good Junk Bags to the first 200 customers that ordered their EB tickets online.

    For an added treat, we passed out freshly baked mini donuts to customers waiting patiently for Canterbury's gates to open.

    Despite the long lines, my son Tyson, Irene, and Bonanza's efficient staff were able to get folks inside quickly and without a hitch.

    John and I managed to sneak a few mini donuts that morning...unfortunately the white sticky sugar on our fingers and lips gave us away.

    Visitors were immersed in an indescribable sea of creativity, beauty, excitement, and energy the minute they came through the Junk Bonanza gates. Bonanza's 110 talented, knowledgeable, and passionate exhibitors proved once again, nobody does it better!

    Good thing folks had all those donuts for extra shopping fuel!

    A special thanks to Heather Bullard for spectacular camera hibernated in my bag the entire event. (If I fail to mention names or businesses, please comment, as I want to be sure everyone is credited!)

    If you made it to the Bonanza, thank you for coming. If not, hope to see you next year!

    Be sure to check out the links in my sidebar for some great Junk Bonanza stories and photos. Next up...Bonanza exhibitors and some cool junk!
    Stay tuned!
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