• American Junk Idol

    You won't find me waiting in line for an autograph from Brad Pitt. I don't scream when I hear David Cook in concert, and I rarely go out of my way for a book signing. I am not easily impressed by celebrities. I am however, thoroughly in awe of my good friend and notorious junker, Cammie. She is an American Junk Idol. She knows good junk and she knows where to find it.

    I have had the opportunity to ride along with Cammie, junking the back roads of Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa in search of the best America has to offer. How she finds some of the places...I don't ask. (That is privileged information.) She is trusted, respected, and well liked by her sources. Many don't understand why she would ever want their dirty, crusty, old junk and are grateful to have her haul it away.

    When I am busy at my computer, Cammie is kind enough to let me junk vicariously through her. She treats me to live photos by phone and I feel as if I am right next to her, smelling the junk. Thank you Cammie! (Photos are courtesy of Cammie's recent excursion to Wendall's Junkyard.)

    Check out her blog and you will learn how a real junker lives and breathes good junk. Tell her I sent you, I am hoping for a good deal on the truck door (above) she is bringing to the Bonanza!

    Matthew and I are working like crazy on our new magazine, Flea Market Style! Will let you know as soon as the blog goes up so you can get an inside peek at making a magazine...bloopers and all!
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